Thursday, June 7, 2012

My calculator says 10

Happy Wednesday !!

I have had one of those days where lots of little good things have surprised me and come together in such a beautiful way.

i was planning to just get some study done, and hadn't thought much past that.. and i ended up seeing 4 friends, my cousin, and my boyfriend ! Half of them i bumped into out of the blue ! so nice :)

i had a day off from the gym today, but it was totally well deserved because...

I  RAN 10kms yesterday !!!

(Well "ran" in a cross trainer-y way) but YAY !! and in 48mins :)

I am so incredibly happy and proud, i never ever thought that i would be able to do that !!!!

I actually can't wait to try again tomorrow.

I recently have bought a new album for my workouts:  Love Demolition by Zowie.
it is so much fun !

This is her new single "My Calculator"

Zowie is an up and coming New Zealand artist. Her music kind of reminds me of Kesha, the Ting Tings, & the Veronicas.. but more sophisticated, quirky & futuristic.

So today i totally watched the season 3 premier of Pretty Little Liars !!!

It was pretty amazing, and like usual, answered maybe one question & created so many more.. Excited much !

I'm wondering if i should go into detail about the plot.. or if that'd just ruin it for someone.. id rather help create a PLL fan than spoil a rather amazing show.

Watch it people !!!!

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