Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New Year, Less Noise

Good morning new year !!
I can't believe it's half way through February already !

I'm currently not eating chocolate. WAAAAAAA it SUCKS. I love chocolate. But i must detox, the dependency was getting a tad crazy. So I'm going 6 weeks without chocolate.
It's currently the beginning of week 2... But I am positive I can achieve this goal !

This is not a weight thing, it's an emotional health thing.

I have made chocolate the default setting for when I feel uncomfortable, anxious, sad, overtired, stressed, or out of control. Going cold turkey is forcing me to deal with those emotions in a healthier way.

By letting myself feel them. By resting and letting God come.

I have realized lately that I am pretty skilled at keeping my senses constantly stimulated. You will not often find me not doing something that requires full attention of my eyes and ears, and as i have discussed, my taste buds. And come to think of it, my sense of touch, as i have this frustrating, disgusting habit of chewing at my fingers lol.

How can I hear God talking to me if I'm always listening to something else ? How can I say I'm available to Him when I'm always occupied with something else ?

It's hard doing nothing and waiting on God when I'm feeling uncomfortable. So hard. It feels a bit like losing control. And I guess it is.. but as long as God is the one gaining the control, I will continue to let go of the sides of the box I have put myself in.

Here's to a year of living outside the box.

Here's to a healthy soul.



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    1. Aw thank you ! Your comment means a lot. I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

  2. Great post Jessica, I tried giving up Chocolate this year, but I've unable to do so yet, I have cut down on it though. I too use Chocolate to handle my emotions when I'm tired or stressed out. Talking and praying to God when you feel stressed out, is great, I find it helps calm me down better than any Chocolate.

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