Tuesday, May 29, 2012

To be fit

So as i said in my last post, I'm learning this whole "balance" thing. One aspect that I'm learning to incorporate into my life is regular exercise.

I've honestly always wanted to be fit, for as long as i can remember, but i never managed to achieve it.

It took me all of my schooling years to finally find a sport that i enjoy- Badminton. And then my school screwed up & forgot to put my team in the game pool so we had no opponents.


Id really love to take up badminton again, but since its too far into the year, ill have to wait till next year.

But its not just that.. its a confidence thing.

You have to actually believe your dreams are attainable in order to chase after them, right ?

Whenever I joined a gym in the past i gave it 150%  ...for 2 weeks. And then i gave up.

I tired myself out, and didn't see results straight away, so i gave up.

But not this time.

Also, theres the whole "female body image issues" thing.

I've always felt insecure about my body and my weight, even when I was healthy & slim ! (Hindsight is a gem.)

So in a way, wanting to lose weight & have a toned, slim, sexy body is an encouragement to work out.

But to me, its also a hinderance.

I have the little voice in my head that tells me how many kgs i need to lose to be "happy".

But i also have a little voice that is mad at society, skinny girls, the media, and is convinced that boycotting the whole endeavor is the only way not be to controlled. And being free from the society's control will lead me to said "happiness".

But the thing is.. rebellion isn't being in control.

Its a reaction to a situation, just like conformity, but the opposite.

Independent choice is not determined by any situation or pressure, but by and intrinsic desire from within.

So i have given it deep thought and come to a conclusion.
My desire to be fit is based on 5 main reasons:

1. I want a balanced life
2. I want to have a healthy body
3. I want to have more energy
4. I want to prove to myself how strong & capable i am
5. I want a hot, slim body

I've been working out consistently for about a month now. I'm so proud !
And i haven't overdone it either, I've made it to the gym about 3 times a week, easing myself into it.

And i've lost 3kgs. (6.5 lbs)


I would LOVE to work out for an hour everyday, and i hope to build up to this over time.

This week i plan to go 4 times: Mon, Tues, Thurs & Sat.

Monday = Tick ! :)

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