Monday, May 28, 2012


Deciding on what to share, what theme to have for my blog.. screw it I'm just gonna jump right in.

What has 2012 been about so far ? hmm


To be honest I've always been an all or nothing person.

When i make a decision i act on it asap. Or else.. something bad will happen. I dunno what, but i can't be doing something i don't want to do, can i ?

If i quit a job, i wanna leave that day. Why work somewhere your heart no longer is ?
If i wanna lose weight, ill cut out half my daily intake of food. Why not ? its efficient.

Well that isn't really me anymore.

People, study, health, having fun, looking good are all really important, so instead of going off in one direction I'm trying my best to do a bit of everything.

Currently I'm managing to balance a double major science degree (Psych & Bio), a part-time job, going to the gym, eating healthy, spending time with family, hanging out with friends, my wonderful boyfriend, and time to myself..  Phew thats a list !

I'm not doing perfectly, but I'm learning and thats whats important.

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