Monday, November 21, 2011

The Perfect Stereotype

i feel like a foreigner here.
not just in the blogging world, but in my life.

let me guide you in my thoughts for a moment..

im a white "westerner" of English, Irish & Polish decent. i weigh 145lbs (yeah working on that) & my height measures 5''4. i have 2 siblings, me being the middle child, and my parents are still together (somehow). i have 2 cats (was just recently 3), a car, a laptop, an iphone, a camera, multiple books, beauty products and garments of clothing. i have photos of me as a child, and a mix of cherished memories, and ones id rather forget. i like to sing, dance and can fiddle around on the piano. My first language is English & i am not yet fluent in any other language (this im also working on). i have my favourite TV programmes & enjoy multiple coffees per day. i go to university, work part-time, & dream of traveling the world.

i could easily go on.
the picture im trying to paint is this

i am an average white girl. 

not unimportant, or unoriginal.
but the perfect stereotype. 

as part of my 21st birthday present, my parents let me join them on a trip to Singapore & Malaysia. i never knew how much 2 weeks & 5500 miles can change someone
but somehow im back in my 'real life' now. but i am confused.. what if this stereotipical white girl isnt sure what 'real life' means anymore. 

i feel like ive been living in a shiny bubble, thinking i can see the world around me, but constantly being engrossed by the annoyance of a few little smudges.
i think that bubble just popped.
i have seen outside.
what do i do now ????

do i go back to watching Grey's Anatomy, going to the gym, meeting friends for coffee dates at Starbucks, curling my hair, and making omelettes for breakfast ?

im so glad my Jesus doesnt change. He'll know what to do, where i fit, that im changing & growing

this perfect stereotype needs to find her place.

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