Monday, June 7, 2010

Lists & coffee

i like lists.

They sort out the mess that is my brain. So what's keeping you busy today brain ??

1. i bought a camera & im excited. Now i just ideas.. i am going to take it with me everywhere.

2. i need to learn to sleep better.

3. i need to finally finish the book i started reading like a month ago.

4. i need to make an eating & exercise plan.

5. i don't like the rain. i'd rather a thunderstorm or a sunny day. Not this indecisive poohy stuff.

6. No-one reads my blog apart from a couple of friends who i think feel sorry for me because no-one reads my blog.

7. im single, and thats okay now. i get to learn who i am & do whatever makes me happy.

8. i want to study psychology. now. but i should probably stop being impulsive & finish the year at internship. Patience Jess, you can do it.

9. i wonder if there is much photography of coffee ? i like coffee

10. Sometimes i dont like that i have so much free time, but i love that i can dedicate so much time to friendships at the moment.

i think ill stop at 10. i feel better now.

This coffee belonged to Cindy, until she drank it. i had to take a picture because it looked so delicious :)

mmmmmm :)

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