Tuesday, June 8, 2010


i want to study psychology.

i have wanted to for about a year but wasn't too keen on the idea of full-time study. My mate Kim is studying psych at the moment, and it inspired me to start looking into it again.. which lead me to picking every single class i want to take in the 3 years of the degree.. and i want to start NOW.

i dont know if its the right timing or i am just impatient and impulsive. When i decide i want to do something... i want it NOW. i definitely think about the consequences and variables, but once my head has decided "YEP" i feel like i need to obey staright away. But God has perfect timing doesn't He ? i've had an amazing time at internship and dont really want to leave early and have yet another thing i haven't finished in my life.

i need His advice on this one. Speak to me Holy Spirit.. your friend is listening !

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