Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Singing to you

So on my journey through singledom, i am slowly learning who i am, what im good at.
I've always LOVED singing, but had always been shot down in past. "Don't quit your day job" was quite a common occurrence in my conversations growing up. Even had a couple of auditions for singing parts in productions but only ever got the acting roles which was still cool because i loved acting, but i always really wished i could sing. I got quite mad at God when i was little coz i felt like He was having fun torturing me by giving me a passion i couldn't do anything with. When i was 10 i was actually in an all-girls band LOL we wrote songs about crushes on boys but never got round to puting them to music.. i still have one of my song books somewhere haha !

About 12months ago i started singing again.

i think the passion overrode the insecurities, and i started singing in front of my boyfriend without feeling super embarassed.. and then a couple of friends... and then i auditioned for the church worship team. That was a HUGE step for me. i honestly was so terrified but really felt God thought it was a good idea.. and He's a pretty wise dude.
ive had a lot of practice now, and i think i can sing a heck of a lot better too. Last week i actually sung something i wrote in front of a crowd with a microphone !! WHOA !!

i am so amazed by what God has done through me.

i still dont really have a clue what i sound like to other people, but to my ears i think im alright. But i have had a few people, who have a voice that i really admire, come to me & tell me that they think im good.. so im feeling pretty happy at the moment.

If you have a passion for something, go for it; God put it in your heart for a reason. Delight in Him & He will give you the desires of your heart :)

All the incredible photography displayed in this post belongs to the amazing Scarabuss, check out his work here.

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