Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Keeping on moving

i am a scooter girl.
well, was.
Until i left it at a school and it got smashed up, paint-stripper poured though the engine, and set on fire.
now i am scooter-less girl.
i had my beautiful scooter buddy for a short but sweet 2 1/2 years. his name was Yak, and i loved him dearly. i only ever crashed twice, both while skidding in the rain.

now im ready for a car i think. the thought of being dry, warm, accompanied by friends and entertained my music while traveling is all too tempting ! i can't wait.. i want a little cute car i can squish into impossible car-parks :)

i think sometimes you decide on a new beginning, and other times it whacks you in the face and you gotta either embrace it or live in the "what if"s or "once apon a time"s, which i cant imagine is very fun.

i should probably start learning to parallel park now..

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