Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Inspirational Women

Ok so Emma from But, honestly inspired me for this post ;)

What famous women inspire me ? Who do i think has the best fashion sense, most creative and unique personality, impressive character, and admirable life ?

Today i will do 2 of my favourite women.

Firstly, i absolutely admire Petra Bagust.

She's beautiful, in love with Jesus, complete chatter-box, always smiling, a mum, a wife, the face of World Vision NZ, a popular and talented journalist, TV presenter, and advocate for the Cancer Society, plus loads more. I got to meet her when she came to my church a couple of years ago, she was so lovely and spoke to me like a friend, ahhh she is so cool :)

i found a great interview about her career here,
& an amazing article with a Christian magazine about her walk with God here.

Another woman i absolutely love is Jennifer Garner !!

She is my absolute celebrity girl crush hehe, she...

is gorgeous
smokin' hot
hilariously funny
a mamma
a beautiful wife
an incredible, talented actress
a trend setter
an inspiration
one tough chick

and she has the cutest smile !!

Who inspires you ??

p.s. more coming !

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