Sunday, May 23, 2010

Escape Into Adventure

i think i want to play piano. i used to play keyboard when i was young but all 6 of my tutors gave up on me because i couldn't read music, and apparently that means im not allowed to play. but i want to write songs so an instrument might help, and everyone plays guitar. so where can i get lessons mm ?

More by Citrusfrukt here

Lately everything has been Italy. Every time i turn on tv or watch a movie or read a book.. Italy. i had never really thought about that country until i went to a conference in Wellington last November and i had a vision of a atlas spinning and landing on Italy. So all i know is that im going there one day. and that its a beautiful place :)

Violettree has some amazing pictures of beautiful European cities.

These picturesque shots of Italy were taken by Pommen

i have just discovered DailyBooth, its amazing ! such interesting people and creative photography, i admit, im addicted ! For my life in photos, click here.

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