Monday, August 16, 2010

Back for Good

So i have been absent from my blog for about 6 weeks.... EEEK !! Sorry guys ! i have been away traveling the North Island for 3 of those weeks, & then i was just so out of touch with the blogging world that i just kept putting it off.

i wanted to share with you beautiful people, some photography ive taken during this time I've been away from you, hope you enjoyed the taster ;)

See you again soon....


  1. that second picture is so beautiful!
    And in the second from bottome picture, from what i can see i REALLY like the print of your dress!
    oooo! a three week vaycay!!!! i can wish ;D
    i was in China this summer for two weeks. that was amazing. hope you had lotsa fun in North Island!

    And thanks for following & your really sweet comment ;D
    i KNOW isnt everything hanging from the celling so pretty. i wish i had a celling high enough and a room big enough to do that !

  2. oh thanks ! that's my friend in the picture, she does have a beautiful dress :)
    Wow, China, what did you do there ?
    i live in the North Island of New Zealand, have been traveling around to different cities & beaches, & im going away again very soon.. :)

  3. I love that snap of the mirror reflection - very neat!


    p.s thanks for coming to visit my wee blog too!