Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Being Yourself


today was such a lovely day.

i had lunch with my grandparents, and my cousin Kristel from The Father's Gem. we ended up enjoying each other's company so much, that we had dinner together as well ! we played board games, did crosswords, & made scones together.. so simple, yet so much fun :)

its important to have those people in your life that you feel comfortable just being YOU around. you dont have to do anything expensive or complicated just to feel entertained and busy. you can sit down and enjoy the ridiculousness of a bad British soap opera, while eating ice cream in a cone hehe.

thats what i call family. i just love them ! and i know they love me :)

i hope you all have people in your life, whether biologically related or chosen, who you can be you with.

because you is amazing.


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