Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Raglan Harbour Cruise

i live near (40mins drive) away from a lovely beach town called Raglan. this past weekend has been so so lovely & hot, i finally believe that summer's only a month away ! yay ! i was in Raglan all weekend, working for a friend at her amazing new fashion store called "Bohemian Wrap" (i had so much fun, ill do another post on this soon), and also me & the parents went on a harbour cruise & had lunch in the sun... yum. was brilliant. a weekend very well spent :)

How did you spend your weekend ??



  1. Hi Jessica! Thanks for visiting my blog! That looks like a lovely beach! nice photos! :)

  2. this looks lovely! what an amazing place to live! :) xxx

  3. Hey Jess,

    Such a cool blog. Hello from Bordeaux, France!

    It was so nice to see photos of where I used to live before coming here, so thanks! You actually got a photo of my house in one of your Raglan pics, on the harbor. Made me have nostalgia from all the way here in Europe.

    BTW: SOOoooo random finding your blog. I found it on Google. And... Even more Random is I know Carol from Bohemian Wrap, coz I did the new stylish jewelry under her counter in December? Did you see it?

    Nice to meet you. I have a blog too: www.dakotad.wordpress.com

    Take care!!! :) bisous