Monday, September 6, 2010

Identity and Maturity

Sometimes i feel a lot older than i am.

i am actually, for the first time ever, thankful for all the things i have been through.
i believe that everything we ever go through is chance to learn and grow.
So i look back on those times i'd rather forget, and i realise, gosh... God has really used those trying times to mould me into the person im meant to be.

im not quite there yet, but i've definitely left.

i can honestly say that im glad i learnt about relationships and life the hard way.. because now what i've learnt has become part of who i am, not just a theology.

Attention everyone ! ready for it ??


i may be emotionally expressive
i may like taking photos of myself
i may use babywipes to clean off my make-up
i may mix my food together on my plate
i may not like using knives
i may be comfortable with puting my make-up on in public
i may say weird things
i may be not sure where exactly im going in life

but that's me.

I dont live my life to please others or in reaction to others.. I am free to be myself & live for God !

Reflection on our past can be a good thing.. all i know is that my past has no right to dictate my future, and i don't have much time for people who seem to think it does.

Love xx


  1. Love love love it!!! Extremely well written!! Also, I use baby wipes to wipe off my make up, and about 90% of my friends do aswell!! I get soo frustrated as well when people think they have the right to make comment/judgement on my life and past mistakes. Maybe when they have ALL THE INFO (which is NONE of their business anyway!) then they can say something..

    Wow how was that for a rant! That came from no where lol.

    Love ya Miss Jessica xx

  2. Love it Jess and i for one love everything about you unconditionally

  3. Cousin! I love your list of things you may do, which you do do!!! haha yay for being ourselves and knowing who we are! I love the bit that our past doesn't dictate our future! And also, how stink things can mean growing and learning and that's so cool, we get to know things through feeling and not just know things in the mind :P
    You are so cool! We are all different people so we shouldnt be comparing to what people think is normal, cause baby there is no normal!!!! Woooo! hahaha freeeedom!

  4. Lovely photos and inspiring words, dear! :) I do hope you have a wonderful Autumn weekend--I am happy to hear you are doing well and feel very content. Always trust in God and live your life for Him. ♥♥


  5. "My past has no right to dictate my future"...I love that!